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Worldwide operations involving the treatment of oily sludge, drill cuttings, tank bottoms, biosolids, filter cake, soil contaminated with PCBs, PAHs, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and other hazardous pollutants have utilized our Anaerobic Thermal Desorption Unit (ATDU). Because the process is indirect, valuable hydrocarbons can be extracted from treated materials. Additionally, we have produced synthetic gas and oil from organic waste using our Pyrolytic Conversion Unit (PCU).

To fulfill the unique decontamination and performance requirements of our clients, Corporate Eamobil  custom designs and produces its ATDU systems.

About Corporate Eamobil

Corporate Eamobil is a leading oil waste management company renowned for its expertise in cleaning and responsibly disposing of crude oil waste. With a strong focus on environmental protection and safety, Corporate Eamobil specializes in efficiently and effectively handling oil contamination.

Corporate Eamobil

Our Anaerobic Thermal Desorption Units (ATDU), which are based on the indirect thermal desorption technique, help us achieve this. Because of the numerous successful thermal remediation projects that have used these units, Corporate Eamobil is now known as a pioneer in the development and management of thermal remediation systems for the oil and gas sector.

Equipment with high-quality components is made by our qualified team of engineers and fabricators to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Components are built onto modular skids for easy transportation and quick construction once on site as our ATDU systems are put into use on project sites around the world. Throughout the commissioning and training process, we help our customers by offering on-site technical support. Our objective is to offer service solutions to each individual consumer. Our top goal is making sure you are satisfied.


Corporate Eamobil  comprehensive services encompass everything from initial assessment and containment to removal, treatment, and site remediation. With a commitment to regulatory compliance and transparent reporting, Corporate Eamobil ensures that clients receive top-tier solutions for managing oil waste, safeguarding ecosystems, and mitigating environmental risks. Their 24/7 emergency response capabilities further solidify their position as a trusted partner in environmental protection and waste management.

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